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SEO is the practice of optimising a website to appeal to Google's search algorithms. Effective optimisation helps businesses rank higher in Google's search results which can make a big difference to online sales and profile.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Site Useability input Monitoring and Analysis – watching that things keep working Liaison with Developers, hosting companies and anyone else Facilitation of anything that needs done.

McInnes started Breastmates.co.nz 10 years ago and has looked after her own SEO for several years. She started by writing website posts that were loaded with key words relating to her business. One of the most visited pages on her website is a post on the different colours of baby poo which attracts about 700 visits a month, she said. That gets visitors to the page leading to potential sales. "Hopefully they'll click around and see something they like and ultimately buy it," McInnes said. She now pays digital marketing business Online Asset Partners to do a lot of the SEO work for her. Results were easily measured as was the return on investment which was about 15 times what the business spends on SEO, she said. Optimising the website has boosted unique visitors to Breastmates.co.nz from 4000 a month to about 60,000 a month. Online Asset Partners spokesman David Cranwell said New Zealand businesses were about five years behind the rest of the world in SEO. New Zealand companies tended to build websites first then think about SEO but it should be the other way around, he said. "There is a very clear structural way a site is meant to be laid out and coded for Google to be able to understand it," Cranwell said. If Google could not recognise a website it would not result a high page rank, he said. "From then on you're basically behind the eight ball."

Being relevant, fresh and original through effective content marketing all helped gain points for page rank, he said. Websites cost between $5,000 and $50,000 to develop but they did not have to be expensive to return a good rank, he said. Auckland search optimisation consultancy Pure SEO managing director Richard Conway said SEO in New Zealand was like the "wild west". "There's still a lot of practise going on here that you'd never get away with in the UK," Conway said. Some SEO companies used unethical tactics to try cheat Google's algorithm. It is important to vet SEO companies carefully before engaging them, including talking to their clients. SEO could be effective for small businesses but doe not work for everybody, he said. It requires a long-term strategy and can take 12 months to have an impact. Website optimisation costs started at about $10,000 a year for a small business in a low competition industry, he said. New Zealand Technology Industry Association chief executive Candace Kinser said New Zealand still had a long way to go in website optimisation. "It's probably an area of specialisation that not many small business owners may have," Kinser said. Effective SEO was increasingly important for export companies, she said. "It's really important to identify some of the key words in your SEO marketing strategy and apply them into the various markets you'll be exporting to."We work closely with you in getting all these factors right customising our clients design until they are happy with it. .

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